Classic Campaign $560

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Deluxe Campaign $950

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56% Men | 44% Women

Age 25-54

190K HHI

Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Las Vegas, Toronto

10,000 IG Followers / 1K + daily blog impressions


Pro content, recommending great products*, and staying in the (k)now when it comes to the cannabis world.


Our audience is affluent, highly engaged consumers who look for qualified critique, and current storytelling. Whether it's through our product reviews, brand spotlights, sponsored Budline campaigns, or just adapting your assets to fit best with our platform, we'd love to work with you!

It’s in our opinion that while useful, Weedmaps and Leafy (Yelp) are a bit of a free-for-all. Budline is a curated experience (Think Zagat). Instead of scrolling through thousands of customer reviews of varying quality and reliability that those “other sites” offer, we're choosy with what we test. We also employ informative, pithy one-liners, great photography, and have a unpretentious rating system. 

* Our reviews are informed by a broad group that includes all races, colors, creeds, religions, and orientations. We poll them quarterly for data to help understand behavior, and predict trends in this exciting new industry.


Prefer Indica (58%) versus Sativa (46%)

Use Vapes (30%) versus Joints (70%)

Consume at Sunrise (49%) versus Sunset (51%)

Enjoy Out ‘n’ About (63%) versus On the Couch (37%)

Will try Dabing (68%) Yes and (32%) No

Pay for 3.5 grams $30-45 (78%) and (22%) $45+

Reviews Helpful (87%) Yes versus (13%) No

Will try cannabis tea (89%) Yes versus (11%) No

Visit a Shop (69%) versus Delivery (31%)

Try cannabis balms (44%) Yes versus (56%) No

Do you always choose the same strain? Change it up (77%) versus (23%) Like what they like.

Is packaging important to the purchasing decision? (70%) Yes versus (30%) No

Think local budtenders are helpful? (68%) Yes versus (32%) No

Care if cannabis is grown using organic and sustainable practices? (86%) Yes versus (14%) No



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