Venice Beach Cookie Co. "The Surfer"


Mom's peanut butter cookies, with a twist.

(The twist is cannabis.)


High Level:

These cookies are huge and potent! A yummy peanut butter cookie with white chocolate chips, coconut and 150 mg of THC make this cookie a classic. Share with friends or ration if you're going in alone.


In Depth Analysis:

The Venice Cookie Co is part of VCC brands. Their line of cookies is super delicious and will get you super high.

In as little as two hours after eating one of their THC infused cookies you'll be feeling the full effects of premium California cannabis. These are not for beginners! If you're a novice you can still get in on the fun, just start with 1/8 the of the cookie and wait 45-60 minutes after you felt something to have so more. The cookie was a bit crumbly and had a small taste of cannabis oil, but overall was a tasty experience. I ate a bite of mine in the afternoon and was able to put it back in the resealable pouch so I could enjoy some later.

To keep fresh and increase shelf life refrigeration is encouraged.

Taste 4 | Appetizing 3 | Feeling 3 | Value 3 | Packaging 4 | Highly Recommended

$15-20 for a 150 mg Peanut Butter Cookie



Available at retailers like MedMen, Buds & Bloom, Harvest Shop, and more throughout California to adults 21 and over.


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