Your Bud's Backstory

High, do you know who makes all our bud dreams come true? We do! Transparency into the source of our cannabis, and lab testing to ensure it’s safe, are some of the best benefits of legalization. You can thank some of the fine people below for California‘s world class cannabis. @3c.farms @beezlegardens @blvck.leaf @canndescent @cotc_gardens @emeraldfamilyfarms @exoticgenetix_ @glasshousefarms @goldsealsf @humboldtlegends @hypecannabisco @jacultivation @jungleboys @lumpysflowers @northernemeralds@outcosd @pearl_pharma @purplecitygenetics @riverviewfarms_@russianassassinboyz @stoneroadfarms @terraformgenetics @topshelfcultivation_ @wildr00ts