Monkey Pipe


High Level:

An original take on the “one-hitter”, this wood cannabis pipe fits just about everywhere.


In Depth Analysis:

A little hit of cannabis can make just about anything more fun, and the Monkey Pipe lets you take that fun on the go. Made in the good ole’ USA, the Monkey Pipe Fisherman’s Friend Original is lightweight and at 2 inches closed and 3 inches open, it fits comfortably in practically every pocket ever invented. The pipe is easy to use and fill with cannabis. It features a storage compartment for the flowers with stainless steel and titanium mesh screens, plus a stainless steel swivel lid that holds it all in place while in your pocket or can extinguish your flowers after use. To clean the pipe there is a stainless steel bottom plate that slides out so you can access the inside. If you’re looking for a portable piece, grab a Monkey Pipe, and off you go.

Intuitive 5 | Portability 5 | Maintenance 3 | Hit 3 | Highly Reccomended  

$ for Pipe + replacement screens


Available at retailers like MedMen, Buds & Bloom, Harvest Shop, and more throughout the country.


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