Fathers of all dispensary innovation.


High Level:

MedMen is the cannabis store you want to go home and tell your best friend all about after visiting. It has the best brands, the best budtenders, and hands down the best interiors. Sure, its locations are popular. But there is a reason a MedMen is usually busy, it’s because they make shopping for cannabis better. And for that, we give them a High Five!


In Depth Analysis:

MedMen operates several locations around Los Angels, and we have frequented all of them including the Venice and West Hollywood locations. Fairly unique and individually spectacular, overall inside a MedMen you’ll find nicely displayed products from great brands you can browse openly. There is a budtender (think high-end retail store employee) everywhere you look in a red shirt who can help answer questions and make decisions. The menu is solid. Especially, the pricier stuff and how occasionally they get a limited stash. We also love how they display the menu around ths store! You get info via touchscreen display monitors integrated into the tables next to products and “pods” small containers of cannabis you can smell/inspect, then check the price on the touchscreen for that particular product. It’s laid out in a way where you can easily identity product and price, even with their flowers. This is something other dispensaries are failing to do and we appreciate MedMen’s merchandising! In terms of flowers they really do work with the best growers. You can get Canndescent, Madrone, and Dr. J’s. Plus, the MedMen strains, like Tangie Dream, are a good value if you’re looking for something more affordable. You’re in good hands too when it comes to the non-flowers protion of their menu like vaporizers, edibles, sprays, drops, cannabis-infused products like lotions, bath balms, the list goes on and on … just go look at their Venice Beach shop’s menu. Check in is friendly, and check out is easy! You can purchase with all major debit and credit cards, avoiding that awkward scramble to find a nearby ATM. Overall, we would welcome a MedMen shop in our neighborhood! A great experience from a great business who gives you reasons to keep going back. We Highly Recommend MedMen stores and give them a big High Five.

Ambiance 5 | Staff 5 | Merchandising 5 | Value 5  | High Five!

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