Lowell Herb Co. Flowers


Farming with Higher Standards.


High Level:

Lowell is farming a greener green.  Using organic fertilizers and no synthetic pesticides, their Cannabis flowers are responsibly grown. They taste good and will adjust your mood splendidly.


In Depth Analysis:

Are you a conscious cannabis consumer like us? Of course you are. Well, you’ll dig this company Lowell. They grow their cannabis on responsible farms that use organic fertilizers and no nasty pesticides. It’s going in your body, isn’t nice to know it’s coming from people who care?! Available in fun little jars with re-sealable lids and branded packaging. We tried their Sativa Pineapple and it took us to a happy place, we really recommend it!  The Tahoe OG was decent and we tried a Hybrid and Indica on different occasions to round out our experience. Overall, Lowell grows some green bud. Literally and figuratively. 

Highly Recommended  

$45-50 for 1/8 (3.5 grams)


Available at retailers like MedMen, Buds & Bloom, Harvest Shop, and more throughout California to adults 21 and over.


Lowell Herb Co. | lowellsmokes.com | Instagram @lowellfarms