King Tarantula


Look what crawled out of our pocket.


High Level:

Ganjagold is meticulous about their Cannabis. Hence, the King Tarantula has two full grams (brace yourself) of the best of the best of the best cannabis. Super strong, a clean smoke, responsibly grown, personally inspected by their staff, and lab tested. Coated with clear-live resin, lined with hash, because why not, and rolled in golden kief. Has it tangled you in its web yet?


In Depth Analysis:

If a company cares more about putting the world’s best cannabis in their joints than this one, show us. The fine purveyors over at Ganjagold obsess over the best and it’s evident in their products! We loved the King Tarantula. This is one huge, strong, well-made, top shelf joint.  You get 2 grams of world class, sun-grown cannabis. All natural and with no additives, the cannabis is lab tested by the world’s best labs.  Neatly wrapped in raw, natural paper the cannabis is fortified with co2 wax (which makes for a smoother, better burning joint).  You would think that’s enough, but King Tarantula’s will acre the faint of heart. The outside of the joint is coated with clear live resin, and then roll it in hash and golden kief (kief is dried resin powder a.k.a magical weed dust). Overall we enjoyed how the Tarantula burns evenly and slow, but more importantly how strong it was. This joint is advanced level, so start slow and bring backup.

Highly Recommended! 

$40 for 1 pre roll

Available at retailers like MedMen, Buds & Bloom, Harvest Shop, and more throughout California to adults 21 and over.


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