Henry’s Original Premium Cannabis Smokes


Fine n’ Dandy Pre-Rolls.

High Level:

Really nice packaging + expertly rolled all natural flowers like Skywalker OG Indica and King Tut OG Hybrid = suhweeeeeeeeet joints.


In Depth Analysis:

What a great brand! Authentic and original right out the gate, Henry’s is making some quality products you will want to check out. The smokes are an easy intro, these packaged pre rolls come in recyclable transparent containers “doob tubes” with cork tops. They are 3 joints to the pack, and each joint is enough to revisit a few times, or enjoy all at once with 2-3 people. Henry’s grows it’s own cannabis for the smokes, and it’s excellent. You get what’s “in season”, so the menu of strains is every changing. We tried a really good indica and hybrid, but there are a few others available. The cannabis is sustainably grown and lab verified, plus Clean Green Certified, which means as “organic” as possible. This is why we recommend Henry’s for people who are looking for something all natural. The cannabis is ground well, so the smoke is fairly consistent and slower burning. Overall, we love these smokes. Check the menu to see what’s in season! 

Highly Recommended



$35-40 for 3 pre-rolls

Photos courtesy of Henrys Original. 


Available at retailers like MedMen, Buds & Bloom, Harvest Shop, and more throughout California to adults 21 and over.


Henrys Original | henrysorginal.com | Instagram @henrysorginal