Let's go shopping!


High Level:

Well-designed interiors, knowledgeable sales staff, a wide variety of branded products neatly displayed in the open throughout the store, Harvest is making the future of cannabis shopping a reality.


In Depth Analysis:

With multiple locations, Harvest is nicely positioned to become the leader in San Francisco's premium cannabis retail space.

Step inside their stores and you’ll find helpful sales staff who can check you in quickly or help you join if it's your first time. Upon checking in you can start browsing openly around the store or interact with staff who go by ‘budtenders’. We really love how they approach the presentation of merchandise, and how customers can freely roam around the shop, even fill up a basket while you shop! This makes for lesser wait times, plus it allows you to check out something new while others are being helped. You can pick up and interact with the pre-packaged products, examine the flowers from strain jars with branded packaging, and browse the full menu on iPads.

In terms of products they have it all! We started with the cannabis, they source from transparent farms and have a really good variety. It was $5-10 cheaper than the other shops around town. More importantly, it was really good bud!

We also found all the other major brands, and tons of great flowers grown by local artisans. You can browse so many pre-packaged edibles, and tons of health and wellness products too. They have a really good variety of products like drops, sprays, and lotions with CBD and THC formulas. Plus, their Pre-roll-gummy-chocolate-bar game is on point. At Harvest there is literally 100’s of products, all the well-known brands and some you can’t find anywhere else.

Whether a newbie or a connoisseur, we recommended you take a trip to Harvest and experience the future of cannabis retail.

Ambiance 5 | Staff 5 | Merchandising 5 | Value 5  | High Five!

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