10 Reasons to be a Flower Purist


Strictly smoking. 

Now you can get your cannabis fix in any which way you want! Edibles, topical, concentrates... it all makes some of us retreat back to the classic and familiar way to enjoy the flower. By smoking it! If you’re a flower purist and nothing else will do, we got you.

1. True Humboldt Nor Cal Diesel

2. Flow Kana’s Tahoe OG

3. Madrone Viper Cookies

4. Bon Vivant

5. Canndscent Calm and Connect

6. THC Factory Banana Kush

7. Arcanna Arcanna OG

8. Big Rock Farms

9. THC Design

10. Lowell

*Bonus tip* Stone Road Pre Rolls (if you want it all rolled up!)