Cannabis Drink Download


Down the hatch!

  1. @provincebrands in Canada is developing a cannabis beer brewed directly from the cannabis plant—stalks, stems, and all. It's said to be the first of its kind.

  2. Stateside @bluemoonbrewco is said to be developing something similar in Colorado.

  3. Can’t wait for science? Cannabis-infused sparkling water is already being mixed up by @lagunitasbeer called #hifihops in California.

  4. Also in California... Serving CBD-infused drinks are a no no. A recent ruling by the California legislature specifies restaurants and convenience stores are not allowed to serve or sell CBD oils until it’s approved by the Federal food and drug administration to be safe.

  5. Don’t worry Cali, we still have these brands @mirthprovisions @cannabis_quencher @habitcrafted @manzamadrone @tinleybeverage @dixiebrands @drinkdreamin at your favorite dispensary @shopmedmen