The Dopest Packaging in the Game


From ubiquitous baggy to unreal unboxings.

These brands have the packaging game all wrapped up.
PAX Era - A clean, modern look. Simplicity at it’s finest!
Leafs by Snoop - The sign of things to come. Well-designed with a branded look that say’s “Oh, Fo Sizzle”.
Henrys Original - A rustic, thoughtful package that communicates this brand farm ethos.
Kiva Confections - A polished, authentic look with a pop of color.
Marley Natural - Solid, clean design with a discreet and classy nod at Bob Marley legacy.
Lord Jones - Packed like products you would find at any up-scale retailer, this design is premium and aspirational.
Lola Lola - Young, fun, and well-designed. This packaging connects with it’s users lifestyle and is some of our favorite!
Canndescent - We love orange. This packaging system gives the brand a premium, uniform look that stands out at retail.
Lowell Herb Co. - You can tell they aim for a higher bar when it comes to pre-roll packaging. Hands down the coolest packaging in the industry.
Dosist - Medical yet consumer friendly. The perfectly designed package for this innovative product.
Stone Road - This upscale, premium box features gold foil lettering and full color printing on the inside.