Cloud 9: Peanut Salted Caramel


A higher level of indulgence.


High Level:

Coming soon to Colorado! The best way to describe the Peanut Salted Caramel Bites is an infused version of a Snickers Bite...although they’re not supposed to use the name Snickers!  But that is exactly what we're going for with that product...that nostalgic taste of Snickers (but made with way better Belgian chocolate) with a little extra kick.


In Depth Analysis:

  • We had the privilege to try this before it is released!

  • Peanut salted caramel bites

  • Handcrafted artisan belgian chocolate

  • Gluten free

  • Tastes delicious, carefully crafted

  • 10 pieces

  • 10mg THC per piece

  • More delicious than a snickers bar

  • A higher level edible experience

  • Had me on cloud 9

  • I ate it in the morning and still had a super productive day.

Manufactured by: Loves Oven Bakery


Available at retailers like Good Chemistry, Lightshade, Herban Underground, and more throughout Colorado to adults 21 and over.

Cloud Nine Confections