Lemonade Cannabis Quenchers


"High"ly recommended lemonade.


High Level:

Cannabis Quenchers are all-natural, refreshing, potent, fast acting and a whole lot of fun. We recommend you start with the Lemonade!


In Depth Analysis:

If you want drink your high these days, we say down the hatch! There’s such thing as cannabis lemonade and yes… it’s fannnntastic! The people over at VCC brands have done it again with a great beverage product now called Cannabis Quenchers. Available in lots of refreshing flavors and different potency levels, we tried the Old Fashioned Lemonade. This lemonade was not your packet-of-powder-bleached-sugar-just-add-water variety. Instead it’s made with stuff like real lemon juice, cane sugar, and yes, premium cannabis. So, sip slowly. Be conscious of the THC milligram level you choose, this drink is potent and fast acting. Avoid strenuous activities and operating heavy stuff. Seriously, it works fast. One minute you’re on the porch sipping some lemonade and the next you’re in the stratosphere. It’s a nice alternative to edibles and is easier to consume + has less sugar than most. For people with allegies they are great because they are vegan, gluten-free, all-natural, and have no corn syrup. We recommend Cannabis Quenchers, especially over ice or in a blended frozen drink!

Smell 5 | Taste 4 | Feeling 4 | Value 4 | Packaging 5 | Highly Recommended

$12-30 for a 100 mg THC 8 fl. oz. 

Available at retailers like MedMen, Buds & Bloom, Harvest Shop, and more throughout California to adults 21 and over.


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