Beboe Vaporizer


Yes, staring is appropriate.


High Level:

A vaporizer and packaging that say “stop looking and buy me already”. Beboe’s pre-filled vaporizer is stylish, convenient, and filled with a deliciously-sophisticated-tasting-Sativa. Smooth smoking and light on your throat, this pen offers a mild high and is perfect for daytime smoke breaks.


In Depth Analysis:

The story behind how Beboe was founded is truly inspiring. The founder’s 85-year-old grandmother would bake his mother who had been diagnosed with cancer “special” brownies to help with her nausea and bring back her appetite. Inspired by his grandmother’s will to find illegal cannabis any way possible, they have started Beboe which makes it easy for everyone to enjoy high quality cannabis products. We reviewed their vaporizer, a lower potency, and easy to use vape pen tailored towards those interested in a more premium cannabis experience. A pull from this pen won’t cause a harsh feeling in your throat, nor are the pulls big enough to make you cough. It’s a lighter, fast-acting vape pen that delivers a head buzz and will open a weary eye. 1-2 doses per hour seemed to work well for us. The device is single use, meaning you draw on it for a few seconds at a time. You use it over and over again until it runs out of “doses”. At that point you can take it back in to the retailer you purchased it at to be recycled and you may receive a credit. The packaging is over-the-top-awesome. Some of the best we have seen. 

Vapor 5 | Refill Ease 5 | Battery Power 4 | Value 4 | Packaging 5 | High Five!



Available at retailers like MedMen, Buds & Bloom, Harvest Shop, and more throughout California to adults 21 and over.


Beboe | | Instagram @beboefamily