Lifestyle: Pieces


Pieces that you puff, puff, pass.

(and repeat)


·      Pipe, bongs, glass, one-hitters. We’ve come a long way since Shakespeare puffed a cannabis pipe

·      You can now roll a blunt without any papers!

·      YewYew believes all smoking objects should be well-designed and fit effortlessly into your lifestyle. 

·      Does your display cabinet have room for My Bud Vase?

·      Stonedware Company is making hand made porcelain, which looks great on your coffee table or just about anywhere else

·      Summerland Ceramics makes chic bongs and pipes and are hand crafted in California.

·      Clever and sophisticated, Marley Natural’s lifestyle accessories include glass in all sizes.

·      Potberry has some nice glass from Grav Labs and others

·      And if you’re the discerning type.

·       Finally, because cleaning all those glass pipes and bongs can be so annoying.