There is no such thing as Certified Organic weed.

No weed is certified organic. It can’t be. This is because the Feds do not recognize cannabis as an agricultural crop. Hence, the predicament around organic labeling. However @cleangreencertified is certifying the lovely leaf and it’s countless by-products by a list of criteria similar to globally recognized standards the USDA national and state organic programs already have for other types of agriculture. The criteria includes standards for seeds, clones, soils, nutrients, pesticides, and practically anything that goes into an edible, crop, or extract. Also important to many of these businesses and facilities is not harming the environment that surrounds them, thankfully Clean Green has standards for that too! Water and electricity conservation, efforts around soil erosion, and just recently a dispensary entered the sustainability game - @leagledenver became the first dispensary in Denver to be Certifiably Green for its sustainable business practices.