Forbidden Fruit


70% Indica / 30% Sativa Hybrid

High Level:

Forbidden Fruit is a forbidden pleasure no more (at least in California, Nevada, Oregon, and a few other states!) This indica dominant hybrid strain is irresistible regardless if you’re an Adam or an Eve, and is bursting full of fruity-citrus flavor. One hit = mind-lifting, body-relaxing awesomeness. The initial head high is followed by an urge to kick up your feet and chillax. Another plus is this strain’s fruity aroma, reminiscent of fruit salad, and with a great lemony undertone. If you’re suffering from body pain, or soar from an intense workout, we highly recommend Forbidden Fruit. It’s THC levels are decent (usually around 26%) so great for chronic pain, and because it’s Indica-dominate it will help with sleep and stress. If you’re looking for a great hybrid, this weed bears sweet fruit.